Intern Profile

Who is she?

Hannah Avdoulos is currently a senior at Michigan State University studying Arts and Humanities and Arts and Cultural Management. This is her second semester as an intern with Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center. In the fall, she worked as an arts administration intern for executive director Barb Whitney. This spring she is working as a gallery coordination intern under the direction of Katrina Daniels.

Why intern with the gallery?

Initially, Hannah applied for an internship with the gallery because of an email invitation from her academic advisor. Hannah had worked for the Henry Ford museum and was looking to gain experience in a gallery setting. Understanding the differences between museums and galleries has rounded out some of her experiences and given her insight into how different types of non-profit organizations work.

What is the difference between a museum and a gallery?

One of Hannah’s favorite aspects of working within a gallery setting (versus a museum) is the opportunity to develop interpersonal relationships with artists. In retrospect, Hannah loved working for the Henry Ford because of its showcase of American history, innovation, and historical artifacts. However, in a gallery setting, she has been able to build relationships with people, especially the featured artists within the gallery.

What has she learned?

Hannah specifically highlighted her interest in how exhibitions are brought together; she loves all of the small but important components that go into exhibitions to ensure their success. Hannah explained Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center provided her a depth of knowledge beyond what could have been taught in the classroom.

What does she love about Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center?

Hannah loves the gallery’s receptions; she enjoys the hectic and busy environment of them. Talking to people and representing the gallery in a positive way is her favorite aspect of the receptions.

Why is Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center a valuable part of the Lansing community?

“Any space that is dedicated to arts, to culture, not only represents art in the best way within itself, and the operations of the space, but enhances everything around it.” Hannah believes that Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center is not just a wonderful space for art to be displayed and talked about, but it is a source for the growing economic development of the Lansing area. The gallery’s exhibitions and events bring in people from all over Michigan; it is a hub to bring innovation and business to the downtown area.

Written By: Madison Kautman, April 12, 2017