In Between Here & Gone by Cara O’Brien & Diane Zoellmer
In Between Here and Gone will feature a diverse collection of photographs and sculptures. This exhibition is a chance to view facets of the up‐close natural world that may escape everyday observational notice.

In Between Here and Gone starts as visual exploration of texture and form found in nature and then transforms into a dialog between two creative minds. Through her photographic lenses, Diane Zoellmer captures elusive and ever changing moments of ice, water, sand and light. Cara O’Brien combines porcelain forms with driftwood and metal to create organic and biomorphic sculptures. Together Zoellmer and O’Brien invite viewers to enter the conversation as their works contemplate growth, life, and the changing elements around all of us.

Cara O’Brien defines her work as such: I am strongly attracted to the organic forms produced through growth, erosion and decay in our surroundings. As an expression of my visual and academic study of these processes, I create sculptures using porcelain, metal and wood. I give my work biomorphic qualities as I explore the ideas of change and new life through death while keeping the nature of my materials in mind.

My work begins with creating organically shaped individually porcelain components. I make many varieties of forms, from tentacle like to petalish,and give them textures that range from smooth to rough, random to patterned. I am constantly searching out driftwood, reclaimed weathered lumber, or found metal scraps to use in my work. From beach flotsam to junkyard finds, I alter discarded or abandoned materials as a counterpoint to the creamy white porcelain components. Drawing on their visually scarred appearances and their mostly unknowable histories, I study the found jetsam and discover what I need to add to in order to make the fragments into something finished and whole. As I bring the various materials, textures and forms together, the process preserves and transforms the found and handmade. I work to create sculpture in which all of the individual parts blend together to make the entire piece purposeful and seamless.

I also create multi piece all porcelain sculptures. Utilizing the beauty of the vitreous clay, I emulate the overall feeling of the living world of corals, mushrooms, lichens, and other colonizing flora and fauna through organic handmade forms. While searching for a place between abstraction and realism, I endeavor to transform inanimate materials into works that suggest life within.

Diane Zoellmer defines her work as: One of the biggest attractions to photography for me is the ability to capture the moment. Living along the lakeshore, where mother nature changes the view from one second to the next, timing is critical. Combining variables over which I have no control such as wind, water, light, and temperature with variables that I can control such as my camera angle, view, zoom, perspective, and lens, I am able to capture a unique moment that might only be available for a short time and share it with others. The photos in this collection all address natural formations. I am especially drawn to patterns and shapes created from the sand, wind, water, and sun along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

This exhibition will be on view from July 6 – August 31, 2017. The opening reception will be held on Friday, July 7, 6 PM – 8PM with a members only artist talk at 5:30 PM.

Exhibition is generously sponsored by Gary & Nancy McRay.