Heroically Ever After by Kate Cosgrove

Heroically Ever After

by Kate Cosgrove

This exhibition is funded in part by the Barbara Demming Memorial Fund.

February 22 – March 25, 2017
Reception: March 24, 6 – 8 p.m. (in conjunction with the Michigan Collegiate Art Exhibition)

Lansing Art Gallery is pleased to present Heroically Ever After, a mini-exhibition of paper cuts by Lansing artist, Kate Cosgrove.

Kate says, “When I feel a little creatively lost, I often turn to the characters from the books that my mother read to me as a child. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I realized our favorite reads were all written by women authors and featured strong girl heroes; no doubt my mother’s intention all along. And even though they were written in the mid-1800s and the early 1900s, they still have much to teach us, even in our modern existence. Now that I am a parent to a young girl, I want to inspire her and all girls to know and love these characters as I have.”