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Wish List
Interested in donating new or gently used items or time? Please contact Barb Whitney if you are interested at

Lansing Art Gallery would be most grateful to accept the following:

Art Supplies
– paint
– paper
– brushes
– pastels
– clay
Exhibition Supplies
– paint
– paint rollers
– paint brushes
– full spectrum exhibition light bulbs
Administrative Supplies
– colored file folders
– file labels
– pens
– correction tape
– notepads
– copy/printer paper
– printer/ink
– binder clips
Facility Supplies
– washable chairs for kitchenette area
– Rubbermaid bins of various sizes for artwork storage
Volunteer Services
– videography – photography – writing – blogging – social media
– painting (walls) and patching pre and post exhibitions
– stripping and staining of gallery furniture
– painting pedestals