Gigi Morton
Gigi Morton
Dimondale, MI

We are the Forgotten Ones … The Vets of ____

Artist Statement
In March last year, working with the American Legion and The Swords to Plowshares folks, I had the privilege of taking portraits of the Vets of San Francisco, California. A few months later, a realization ignited a desire within me to spend the rest of my life traveling to every state in the Union creating portraits of our vets including the homeless and those in transition. I am fueled by the purpose of having these brave men and women SEEN as an homage to their service to our country.

The word “Vet” is a vague and undefined reference. The stats, the charts, the citations are all meaningless and impersonal. My mission is to change how we see Veterans, to see their humanity and their value. When a veteran has been marginalized, disregarded, and forgotten, their self-worth suffers a massive assault. The quickest way I can help a veteran begin to restore their value is to look them in the eye. Self-worth begins to heal when the vet realizes they are being sincerely seen. This is what I do and this is my passion. They are our fellow countrymen and countrywomen. They have served us. They have earned and deserve our recognition and respect and they need to be assured they are indeed valued. They are not statistics!

This installation is a small part of a larger body of work and the beginning of a life-long adventure called “The Vets Of…………….a photographic essay of our nation’s veterans, sharing their stories without having them utter a sound.”

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