Everything Has A Life

Selma Hollander:
A Celebration of Art and Life

100 Years of Art and Philanthropy

Selma Hollander was born in 1917 in Brooklyn, New York. She relocated to Michigan in 1958 alongside her husband Stanley, a professor and researcher for MSU’s Eli Broad College of Business. She has remained a local Okemos resident ever since, and says that because of the love and comfort she found in the communities around Michigan State, she’s never missed New York. Stanley’s profession often took them on adventures to new places, which allowed Selma many opportunities to grow her love and education in the arts.

Stanley and Selma’s philanthropic contributions to Michigan State University are seen and felt all over campus. Over the years, they have contributed to the College of Arts and Letters, the College of Music, the Wharton Center, the Broad Art Museum, the MSU Library, the College of Business, WKAR radio station, and more. Their love for the arts led them to award many endowments and scholarships to students across MSU’s campus, and beyond.

An Artist in Her Own Right

Selma is an academically trained artist – she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts and Masters of Fine Arts from Michigan State during the 1960s, and later became an instructor in the art department for the university. As an artist, she has dabbled in almost every medium of art, from jewelry making (she has the most exquisite hand-made silver bracelet – pictured below), to fiber, collage, and even screen-printing. Her imagination and creativity is endless, as can be seen in her many collections. She continues to make art every day, and loves to visit museums and galleries to view art and learn new techniques.

“Selma Hollander is an extraordinary inspiration in our arts and cultural community. While she has previously been recognized primarily for her philanthropy, we are thrilled to share her exceptional art as one of our featured Michigan artists at Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center,” says Barb Whitney, Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center’s Executive Director.

Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center is excited to present: Selma Hollander, The Collected Works, on exhibition from June 29 to July 2, 2017 (more details can be found here, and below). We invite you to come to the gallery to help us celebrate Selma and her wonderful collection of screen prints.

Exhibition: June 29 – July 2, 2017
Reception: Thursday, June 29, 6-8 p.m.
Exhibition sponsored by Jack & Sue Davis, additional support by Jerry and Joan Mattson and Hude Law Service, PLLC.

The Life of the Party


On the 18th of June, Selma officially celebrated turning 100 years old – an incredible life achievement to add to her already overflowing resume. But she doesn’t let anything stop her. Selma’s schedule is almost always booked, and she says she’s always welcome to going on new adventures and making new friends. One of the most inspirational qualities she possesses is her ability to love life. During my many visits with her, she never failed to mention that she’s had the best life, and that she’s constantly amazed by all of the opportunities she’s been given over the years.

Selma’s never-ending enthusiasm, kindness, and gracious personality makes her an inspiration to everyone she meets. Personally, I would like to add what an honor it has been to meet and become acquainted with Selma during my time with Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center. On behalf of all of us at the gallery, and many more, thank you Selma for everything you have done and continue to do.

Written By: Madison Kautman, June 20, 2017