Partnering For Art: Bloom Coffee Roasters

“Know Your Beans. Know Your Cup. Know Your Roaster.”

How did Bloom start?

Bloom Coffee Roasters started in April of 2014 as a small micro-roastery. In the beginning, they focused mainly on roasting coffee beans for wholesale and retail customers in the Lansing area. In July of 2016 they decided to open a café in Old Town in order to further serve the public. In the café you can find an extensive menu of coffee drinks, lattes, and more.

“The cafe was designed to be inviting and comfortable. Come in, grab your favorite drink, and stay awhile. You can depend on our eclectic taste in music, unique local art, and our friendly baristas to welcome you. Our hope is that our space will become be your favorite place to take part in the daily activities and responsibilities that often happen around a cup of coffee, and that the cup of coffee you’re drinking is the best.”

This year, they celebrate 3 years as a coffee roastery and 1 year as a café.

Where do you find the inspiration for your roasted coffee blends, and what is your mission as a coffee roasting company?

Bloom aims to best represent the regions, farms, and farmers they source their coffee beans from. As roasters, they desire to bring out the natural flavor of the bean, as its natural flavor was actually implemented into the bean when it was grown. They act as a catalyst for the farmers and what is done during the coffee growing process.

“Standing at the roaster for hours on end, it’s our goal to achieve the best flavor, best smells, and in the end, the best experience in every cup. That ideal level of sweetness, the perfect body, the nuances, and the aftertaste—all play a significant role in the day of the person experiencing the cup.”

Why do you support the arts?


During our interview, Jared and Cullen clearly expressed not only their appreciation for, but also their need for the arts. They stressed how important the arts are to students in school, and how art has been a motivator for them in their personal and professional lives. Therefore, they want art to be at the core of the culture within Bloom. They support the arts culture of the greater Lansing area because they know that there is a need for recognition and appreciation of art and talent. Opportunities for artistic expression aren’t always available in and out of schools, so they strive to provide an open public space that displays art for the community. Within the café, they display local art as well as “Love Letters to Lansing,” which is a creative campaign that allows Lansing residents and visitors to share their favorite aspects of Lansing and its culture. As coffee roasters and as an organization, they want to share the love and the heartbeat of artistic expression within Bloom and Lansing.

Why did you decide to partner with Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center?

Together, Bloom and the gallery worked to house and promote the Ingham Student Art Exhibit, and to expand the public awareness and appreciation of arts in the Lansing area. In addition, Bloom created their very own Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center coffee blend. Visitors to the gallery are offered a freshly brewed, French-pressed cup of a flavorful, artistic blend during their visit, thanks to Bloom! Together, Bloom and the gallery hope to spread public understanding and “bloom” more love for the arts! Bloom has ongoing partnerships with multiple organizations with the Lansing community. For a look at the entire list, click here.

Kimberly Lavon, a local Lansing artist, made the first introduction between Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center and Bloom Coffee Roasters (see our blog story about Kimberly here. By reaching deeper into the community of Lansing, they have facilitated projects that can help young artists “bloom”. For example, their Craft Cultivation Blend goes towards funding some of their partnerships. Specifically, that’s 50% of profits from bags sold and 20% of profits from cups of coffee sold. They enjoy knowing that Bloom and their customers are engaging in community involvement with support for the arts.

Stop in to the gallery to try some of Bloom’s special Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center roast today! But don’t forget to also check out Bloom Coffee Roasters, located in Old Town, Lansing (details below).


Address: 1236 Turner Street, Lansing, MI, 48906
Phone: 517-899-0006
Facebook: Bloom Coffee Roasters
Instagram: @bloomcoffeeroasters
Twitter: @BloomRoasters
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 7am to 7pm
Wednesday – 7am to 7pm
Thursday – 7am to 7pm
Friday – 7am to 7pm
Saturday – 9am to 7pm
Sunday – 9am to 4pm

Written By: Madison Kautman, May 26, 2017