ARTpath: The Sites
1. Turner Dodge House Originally constructed shortly after the middle of the 19th century this was one of the earliest major residential structures in Michigan’s new capital city. It was the home for 100 years to several generations of a pioneer family who had a profound impact on both local and state history. It is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a building of considerable cultural and architectural significance. Learn more about the Turner Dodge House here.

2. Old Town Bridge – Located on North Grand River
Old Town Lansing is the cultural and creative district of Lansing. This community offers unique experiences through special events, incre dible people, eclectic shops and a rich history. The buildings are beautifully restored for residents and businesses of all backgrounds; infrastructure is well maintained by sustainable resources. Old Town values their heritage, volunteers and stakeholders who dedicate their resources to make Old Town a destination.

3. Open space off Oakland/Oakland Bridge This location has a large open space and ample space under the bridge to lend to a variety of creative ideas. This area is a true blank canvas to work with.

4. Shiawassee Street Bridge Located in downtown Lansing, this bridge has been incorporated into several public events, most recently Lansing 5:01’s Bridge Fest. This location is just steps away from the art installation “Inspiration”

5. REO Olds Pocket Park Located blocks away from our State’s Capitol and nestled in the Museum District, this site is passed by all types of people: commuters, runners/walkers, tourists, State and City employees. This is truly the hub of our community and is a great space in need of your creativity. This grassy knoll would be a great spot for additional seating, a sculpture or an installation.

6. Kalamazoo Bridge Located near the BWL water purifying station, this is a blank slate that is calling for style. This site is available for a mural, a sculpture or an installation along the chain link fence.

7. 496 Bridge This is the largest area in our offering – this bridge area spans both East and West bound traffic on 96. This bridge extends across a wide expanse of the river and is across from the historic Cherry Hill Neighborhood. This particular site would be ideal for a wall mural or wheatpasting on the columns in the river.

8. Cedar Street Bridge

9. Elm Park Bridge – Located near REO Town, next to Elm Park Originally home to the R.E. Olds Motor Company, today REO Town is known for its vibrant arts scene and is home to a dynamic and diverse community of restaurants, retail shops, and professional services. Elm Park hosts youth baseball leagues throughout the spring and summer.

10. Beech Street Bridge Smaller location in an industrial area of the trail.