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Make a Notebook: Bookbinding
March 1 – March 28, 2018
Before the development of bookbinding tablets, scrolls and papyrus (thicker paper) were the most common forms of documenting knowledge. The craft of bookbinding originated in India in the early B.C era. During this time they used a unique technique to create their books. The materials included palm leaves, ink, twine and wooden boards to assemble what they called a palm-leaf book. Palm Leaf books were widely used by monks during the B.C era. As time went on the bookbinding process became more popular and the products used changed with the development of new materials.

There are many forms of bookbinding that have been established over the years. Common forms of bookbinding we see today include (but not limited too) hardcover binding, punch and bind and stitch binding. Hardcover binding has several techniques that can be applied to achieve the binding. However, hardcover binding traditionally uses a rigid cover with stitching along the spine of the book. The punch and bind technique consists of holes along the edge of your paper. Plastic or wire material is then looped through the holes to create a bind. Lastly, stitch binding uses a needle and thread sewing together the cover and pages together.

Lansing Art Gallery’s Art Encounter: SEE | CONNECT | CREATE -runs concurrently with the monthly and bi-monthly exhibitions in the gallery and is offered during all gallery open hours. In the Art Encounter, visitors are encouraged to explore Lansing Art Gallery in a new capacity including a fun and interactive self-guided activity in the exhibition space and an art making experience in the Education Center.

Special thanks to those who make this program possible! The pilot year of Art Encounter is funded in part by Capital Region Community Foundation, Mariel Foundation, the Joe D. Pentecost Foundation. Additional support for 2017 was provided by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs through a New Leaders Grant.