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Community Weaving
January 6 – February 23, 2018

Weaving has a very long history and is the method used to create cloth and other textiles. Weaving uses two distinct sets of yarn, thread or other fibers that are interlaced at right angles to create the cloth, rug or basket.

The longitudinal threads are called the warp and the lateral threads are the weft. The method of weaving in which these threads are inter-woven affects the characteristics of the textile.

Lansing Art Gallery’s Art Encounter: SEE | CONNECT | CREATE -runs concurrently with the monthly and bi-monthly exhibitions in the gallery and is offered during all gallery open hours. In the Art Encounter, families are encouraged to explore Lansing Art Gallery in a new capacity including a fun and interactive self-guided activity in the exhibition space and an art making experience in the Education Center. Special thanks to those who make this program possible! The pilot year of Art Encounter is funded in part by Capital Region Community Foundation, Mariel Foundation, the Joe D. Pentecost Foundation. Additional support for 2017 was provided by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs through a New Leaders Grant.