Thank you to our 2019 Patronicity donors!
A huge thank you to everyone who donated or helped spread the word about our Patronicity campaign! More than 60 individual patrons donated a total of $8,180 to help make ARTpath happen. An additional $7,500 was donated by Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Courtney & Travis Millbrook
Camille McCoy
Helen and Charles Mickens
Esther Onaga
Barbara K Stuber
Jack M Bergeron
David S Porter
Britta Urness
Aram Kabodian
Megan D Shoup
Capital City Film Festival
Anna Schuller
David Pierson
Keith Azar
Alessa Boes
Melissa Kaplan
Katherine D. Smith
Patrick and Jennifer Gillespie
Brian Whitfield
Toni Alexander
Daniel J Warmels
Hude Legal Services PLLC
Linda A Finch
Gilbert White
Foster Swift
Cristina R Benton
David A Such
Susan Coley
Stephanie Gregg
Elizabeth A Meschke
Patricia A. Cook
Jane Reiter
Danielle Deneau
Norman Charles
Anne Nolan
Jeana-Dee Allen & Dylan Rogers
Meegan Holland
Mary C Cusack
Judy Beaudry
Amber McPherson
Juanita Baldwin
Richard E Sneary
Erin C Schor
Michell Carlson
Karen & Jerry Jennings
Laurie A Lonsdorf
Jaclyn Lillis-Warwick
Maggie Okponobi
Drew Prosch-Jensen
Constance M Henslee
Mary C Cusack
Katrina Daniels
Patricia Daniels
Valerie & Christopher Long
Marcus Fields
Barb Whitney
Patricia E Briones
Emily Stevens
Hailey Lamb